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Back From The Bardo Second Edition:
Includes: The Mind of Frank Rosseus.
Audio Book Available
on Amazon. The complete
Audio Book.

The author James Cage wants more people to read Back From The Bardo . Here are Free Downloads for the unabridged editions of Back From The Bardo in English and Spanish.

Free Download Back From The Bardo
Second Edition

Gratis Volver Desde El Bardo en espanol

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 Book Five The End of the Trail,
A dialogue between John Wayne
and Pancho Villa

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the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Thanks to all my readers.

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New Digital Edicion $3.99 Spanish  New Paperback Version Spanish $15.99 at Amazon Updated November 2022.

English Paperback and digital versions at Amazon.  New Digital Version $4.99  English  Paperback $15.99. Updated November 2022.

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